Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bole ke klik nuff ads sndiri? bole ke klik bnyk kali?

Harini pn bosan lg...duk sorg2 kt umah..
errr...berdua..termasuk yg dlm perut ngeh3...
Mcm biasa la...Mr.Hubby bz kt spital..
cik lappy la pneman aku..

Td singgah 1 blog yg bg aku sgt interesting..
comey blog dia mcm tuan dia..(klik di sini)
~bkn nk promote blog dia puji ikhlas.aku xpnah sembang
or xpnah chat ngn dia pn sblm ni...
n aku tidak dibayar oleh sesiapa pn...huhu~
Cuma nk bgtau, aku dh dpt jwpn dari persoaln aku slama ni
dan jgk pertanyaan kwn2 yg baru join nuff..
aku ni kira baru la jgk join nuff..
so bnyk bnd la yg xtau..

Thanks ye intan...akak copy 1 je..hehe..
tak terpikir la plk akk nk cari kt page nuffnang.
Kalau kwn2 nk tau lbih lanjut ttg tips cpt kaya dgn nuff
terus ke entry beliau (klik di sini)
bnyk lg tips anda bole dpt kat blog beliau.

Can I click on my own ads to increase my earnings?

- Advertisers spend thousands to send their messages across to interested individuals via CPC campaigns. Thus, if you’re clicking on an ad on your own blog, make sure that it’s because you’re interested to find out more about the products/services advertised.
- If there is a case of intentional repetitive clicking on CPC ads just to increase earnings, the blogger involved will be given a warning and if the act does not stop, the account will be suspended and banned indefinitely which is a common practice in all ad networks.- As our system is programmed in a way to recognize common traits and behaviors of visitors, we have clamped down on groups of bloggers assembled for the purpose of clicking on each other’s ad units for CPC campaigns in the past.
- We strongly advise against engaging in actions such as these and should anyone be caught, severe actions will be taken.

Ok semua....

selamat bercuti.....